Uschi Watts Photography: Blog en-us (C) Uschi Watts Photography (Uschi Watts Photography) Mon, 20 Aug 2018 00:42:00 GMT Mon, 20 Aug 2018 00:42:00 GMT Uschi Watts Photography: Blog 89 120 Spring is not far away... After a couple of very rainy day, we caught a break in the weather to capture some beautiful family photos of Marylin's family for a first session this season in my favourite secret almond blossom location in Strathalbyn.


I loved every minute of it and the photos truly speak for themselves.

The girls were just gorgeous and especially using the flowers for some hair pins, and having fun in the huge yard exploring, made this Sunday afternoon a very special one!


Loved the bond, they have with their mum and dad, especially the jumping onto Dad photos were a lot of fun!!!

Thanks Marylin for letting me take your photos of your beautiful family!



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First birthday parties... First birthday parties...

It was a windy, but sunny Sunday morning. They had forecasted showers, but they luckily held off for us to celebrate Hugo’s first birthday in the park at Strathalbyn.
Hugo and his mum Nat are part of the mother’s group we formed when I had Kobi. Not only have our kids become great playmates, but us mums have found support, sanity and great friendships in our weekly catch ups.
Hugo was the first of our 7 kids to turn 1. The party was themed “A Wild One”, and we all had fun! It was awesome being able to capture some great memories made on the day!

You can click here for the full gallery, or here a little selection of favourite photos!!!

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Baby Dustin all grown up


Something I truly love about photography and the reason why treasuring wonderful memories is so important- CHANGE!

Nearly 2 years ago, on a very dark and rainy day (I remember well, because it bucketed with rain outside, and there was no natural light to work with,so we had to use all artificial light), I went to take photos of baby Dustin, only 18 days old.
Now I returned for his baby sister's photos, on a beautiful sunny day- and Boy, has he grown up, so cute, funny and cheeky, and all proud to be a big brother!!!


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5 boys!!! Christmas mini-sessions are coming to an end, as Christmas is approaching fast.
I got to meet this lovely family last weekend, who was a lot of fun and full of energy to work with, no wonder for a family with 5 boys!

Young master Z was sure to keep his 4 older brothers on their toes, we had an absolute ball and managed to get some great group shots as well.

You can see the gallery here!


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A precious gift!

Here the gallery of the second family I got to meet last weekend, who had never done a photo shoot before. We had a ball and it was so hard to pick any favourite :-) Thanks guys, it was lovely to meet you and be your photographer for the afternoon.

Enjoy your photos, to see the full gallery click here!

You are such lucky family to have an amazing friend who gifted you this special present for christmas.

If anyone else would like to do this, get in touch with me so we could organise a special treat for that great friend or family!
A gift to have forever!


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Summer is here, and so is Christmas :-) Christmas mini sessions are well on the way.
Not always do we need all the christmas deco, just an updated family photo is such a special thing to have and to gift.

Jody decided to get some updated photos of herself and her son, as well as gifting a mini-session to her friend Toni and her kids for Christmas, who never had family photos done. What a beautiful thing to do!! Thanks Jody, not only for the generous gift, but for coming along for the fun shoot!

Enjoy your gallery! To view the full gallery, click here!


Gift vouchers for photo shoots are of course available, and mini-sessions start at only $80. A wonderful gift!


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Ben & Parisa's family at "The Cedars" Last weekend, I got to meet this beautiful family of 4 for their family portraits. We had been trying to get together for a weekend shoot for a while, and the weather had been terrible many times. It was a beautiful day Sunday, and we finally caught up at The Cedars in Hahndorf, a gorgeous place with wonderful gardens. With 2 sons, and the younger one being 2 years old, we were kept on our toes for sure, but got some beautiful shots.

Thanks for letting me take your photos and enjoy picking photos for your gallery wall in your home!!! :-)

You can visit their full gallery here!

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The girls and their ponies I got to meet these beautiful twin girls and their ponies for a special pony shoot. In my childhood, I spent many hours, days and weeks with my ponies, so I could relate to their special bond, a friendship like no other, that never grows old.

Their first little pony Pumpkin still has a special place in their heart, as well as Bella and Evie, the "next size up" ponies.

And then there is showpony Marco and youngster Milo, who they love just as much, so we had to have a shoot with them as well.

It was a pleasure to work these gorgeous girls and beautiful animals, really loved it!

You can see the full gallery here!

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Corey's 21st birthday party I was blessed to meet these beautiful people to cover Corey's 21st birthday party. His partner Jess organised the party and surprised him with booking me as a photographer. Family and friends were very welcoming. I brought along a photo booth for night time entertainment, and I have to say- wonderful people, lots of fun and laughter, and one very cute baby who stole everyone's heart. Thanks Jess and Corey for having me.

 The full gallery is online for viewing now :-)


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Another day in paradise! Another day in paradise. Catching up with my good friends Stu and Kerri and their beautiful 2 year old daughter for family photos :-) good times!!! The blossoms were still out, and the photos were full of fun, love and happiness!

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A blossoming family How lucky I have been to be out and about in this gorgeous spring weather!
I got to catch up with a young family, to get some family pictures inbetween the trees blossoming. And all I can say about these beautiful people is fun!!! Jessie and Scott, and their 18-month old gorgeous daughter Miss D just had a blast with this special family time. It was joyful taking your photos! Thank you- it was a pleasure, absolutely love your photos!

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Spring feeling photoshoot with Alicia Such a springy feeling, with some balmy weather and trees blossoming- Just beautiful, so I had to find someone to share this gorgeous event with. Alicia and her 15 months-old daughter Miss A came to meet me at a friend's place at Strathalbyn to enjoy an afternoon out for photos. We had a great time, and with the help of a couple of props, this cool Mum brought along, the photos turned out amazing! I am excited to reveal your gallery, thanks for choosing me to be your photographer!

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Engagement shoot on a sunny winter day We were lucky to strike a beautiful winter day to do an engagement session at Hahndorf. A family who I had done a shoot for in the past, Tara and Jason, had surprised Jason's sister Beck and fiance Pete with a voucher for a breakfast and an engagement photoshoot. What a wonderful idea for a present! So I got to meet this lovely and very funny couple, so much love!

We had a great time, and the main street in Hahndorf near the institute had so much to offer for some awesome photos.

The gallery is now online, enjoy!

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Mum and daughter shoot on a sunny winter day Inbetween all cold and wintery weather, this was a beautiful sunny day and a perfect one for a mother and daughter winter shoot. It had been planned for a long time, and we have had to reschedule many times due to a bruised forehead, bad weather and the sister's baby's arrival :-) So we finally got together and had so much fun, little Miss M was super cute and kept us on our toes for sure to do a full loop around the park!!

Enjoy the gallery!

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Winter, here we come! For my last autumn photo shoot this year, I got to meet this family of 4. It was great to see that, despite the difficulty of a split relationship, mum and dad get along very well, put the kids first and care for and love them to the moon and back. It was special for me to be able to capture this amazing bond! It was lovely to meet you, thanks for letting me take your photos!

Winter, here we come!


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Nadine's family It was a bit overcast which meant great conditions for photos on Sunday. I went to take photos of this family of 6. I had met Nadine's sister Tamara and her kids for some photos before and loved their pictures. As usual, the kids' energy was contagious and we all had a lot of fun at the park and playground. Loved it, thanks a lot and enjoy the gallery!

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A red theme It was lovely to meet this family. Mum Elizabeth had the dress code worked out and I absolutely loved their "red theme". The older 2 siblings. 3 and 5 years old, came up with some creative ideas and little 8 months old Mr W also warmed up to the camera towards the end (after he had just woken up at the start) and was very cheerful. An all around lovely shoot, enjoy the gallery!

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A touching story I got to meet this beautiful family last week. Their story is very touching and definitely a wake up call to appreciate every moment with people we love. Husband and father to a newborn at the time got diagnosed with a rare and incurable cancer 2 years ago. It has been a long road and even brain surgery could only remove most of it, not all of it. It has not been getting worse which is great. Very inspirational to keep a positive mindset and be such fun-loving family. I had a great time taking your photos. Thanks a lot! Sherona's gallery is now online!

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3 Generations I got to witness the magical bond between a grandparent and their loved grandchild in a "3 generations" shoot.

Angela and her 2year-old daughter little Miss C brought along "poppa" to have their pictures taken together.

Just showed how precious the time is we spend with FAMILY!

The pictures are now online in Angela's gallery, enjoy!

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One cute baby girl On Friday afternoon, I got to meet Natalie, a young mum and her 6 months old daughter Miss A. It was a great shoot with this beautiful baby girl and despite it being very cold, she was quite cheerful and cheeky. Also a very special time for it to be Natalie's first mother's day on Sunday and the pictures are just a proof of how much love there is! The gallery is now online! Enjoy!


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